About Ascalon Paragon
Welcome to the righteous order of the alliance, where we help people of alliance. This is the All Purpose/Child Friendly guild that we can recruit any users of all ages. We're the paragons of Ascalon, we fight for honor, we don't fight each others, we cooperate, and we do the quest as their service. The classes, races, and levels don't matter. That's right, we allow all classes, all races, and all levels (including max levels). We allow only members who plays World of Warcraft in all servers on the alliance's side, of course. This guild is famous for Stormwind, and one of the famous character in the game, Rommullus Whitestorm (aka: Rommullus, the Holy Fighter), the guildmaster of the Ascalon Paragon, who was trained by the "Knights of the Silver Hand", and was raised in Stormwind. The Ascalon Paragon works with the alliance especially the Knights of the Silver Hand to defeat the hordes or darkness, and save the world from destruction of cataclysm.
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